Architectural Salvage, Antiques & Vintage


In 2015 Lorna & I started Graham & Brooks – Home Garden and Cottage, where we sprinkled antiques, unique old décor, and vintage pieces; among a store full of decor ideas. In 2016 salvaging items from Budget Demolition job sites, we created G&B Finds operating from a barn in Flamborough. In late Fall 2017, I went to work with Budget Demolition creating BD Salvage and Deconstruction. Now, here we are Christmas 2020…Lorna & I have come full circle – we are adding the Salvage business I have been operating, under the Graham & Brooks brand. 2 separate locations, 2 separate business identities (with a little overlap); and the great service and relationships that Graham & Brooks is noted for. Basically, we compliment each other.

Welcome to Graham & Brooks Salvage Company.

Our spacious 6000 sq ft Salvage Warehouse is a treasure trove of architectural artifacts, antiques, lighting, hardware, industrial components, signs, décor pieces and other oddities. You just never know what you will find! Plus, our parking lot and outdoor space is filled with more wonderful items – antique stone, garden pieces, wood, and other good stuff!

We both look forward to welcoming you to our stores – introduce yourself – meeting new friends is the best part of our businesses.